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Find out the different kinds of Matching Necklaces

What is the best way to select a woman's ring? What is the most appropriate kind of ring that is based on the style and age of women? What are the occasions when you should wear a piece of jewelry that is timeless and whose value cannot be doubted? How do you wear rings and is there a specific rule that tells you the best finger to wear a certain type of ring? Let's discover together the answers to these questions and discover how to best wear the ring. It's a jewel as significant as it is fascinating. The ring is a jewel that marks all important stages of a love story, from first loves to marriage, and even the most important wedding anniversary.

The jewelry represents many memories and significance. It is a valuable everyday presence that enhances the appearance and adds a glam to the face.

The Solitaire Ring

Solitaires are widely recognized as the ideal jewel to declare love and also to signify the significance of a love story. It is believed that when an individual asks his partner to marry him, he makes a promise to her of his love for ever and gives her the solitaire ring as symbol of his love and commitment. The solitaire ring, just like all engagement rings, should be worn on the left ring finger. This is due to the belief that the vein vena amouris that runs directly to heart on the left ring finger was the reason behind this.

The most famous solitaire ring is the Tiffany setting, which has the six-claw setting that was invented by the namesake Charles Tiffany in 1886. Solitaire rings are a style that is suitable for women of all ages and styles. It also is a good choice for women who appreciate luxury and precious stones.

The Trilogy Ring

Three has always been regarded as to be a perfect number. This is particularly relevant to precious stones and diamonds. The trilogy ring isn't only a glistening and beautiful jewel, which is usually presented as a pledge of love, but it has an important meaning that is: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Translated into the language of lovers, this means I love you I love you and I will always love you forever. A truly romantic meaning is the trilogies ring, whose diamonds also represent an unbreakable, permanent and unbreakable bond. Most people do not know that the trilogy ring has a religious meaning in the form of the Trinity that is the Father along with the Son and Holy Spirit. The trilogy is frequently used by couples who decide to have their wedding ceremonies in a church.

Trinity Ring

The Trinity ring, in contrast to the Trilogy it is created by intertwining 3 rings made of rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity ring is an elegant luxurious, refined and valuable jewel that is a symbol of undisputed style. The rings that come together have different meanings: The rose gold ring signifies love, the yellow gold ring is a symbol of fidelity and the white gold ring (initially constructed in platinum) means friendship. The Trinity also has a religious meaning, and the name certainly is a reference to it. In Russia, the Trinity ring is always the wedding ring, which is worn on the right.

Veretta or Riviera

Diamonds mounted on the veretta ring, also called the riviera rings are the undisputed star of a jewel that is more affluent than the solitaire and trilogy. The price of a riviera ring is affected by the amount of diamonds employed. There are two types of veretta rings: a half-round one that contains five diamonds and an all-round veretta ring in which diamonds cover the entire surface. The riviera jewelry is the one completely covered in diamonds. The ring of Veretta has an important meaning: love, passion and fidelity. It's no coincidence that the veretta is one of the first rings to be given by men as a present during the engagement ceremony.


The technique of pave is employed in jewelry to cover surfaces with precious stones. Diamonds are the most valuable pave and are employed to create stunning rings, as well as pendants, earrings, and brooches. The method involves drilling small holes into the base of the metal to allow the precious stones will be placed. The higher the price of the pave, the more consistent and aesthetically pleasing its surface.

Toi et Moi Ring

Toi e Moi ring, a type of ring that has two diamonds arranged in a mirror-like manner and barely touching one another. It is a symbol of the indissoluble connection between two lovers. The Moi et Toi ring was popularized by Napoleon who gave his wife Josephine an engraved ring "You and me, forever", hence the growing popularity of this precious and original jewel. The Toi e Moi is not always made of only transparent diamonds or exactly the same size, but precious stones can also be used to create strong contrasts and harmony in shapes. This makes for stunning jewels, it is also the symbol of the old-fashioned jewelry always observant of the latest trends and the latest trends.

Halo Ring

A crown of diamonds surrounds the large central precious stone. This is the most distinctive feature of the halo-style the ring, which is a sparkling, elegant ring that is ideal for the woman who likes to be the center of the spotlight. The halo style ring is a sparkling and expensive jewel that has a variety of designs of stones in the center, such as a princess cut stone, a rounded cushion cut, baguette heart, oval, or brilliant cut. The precious stones around the central stone make the ring extremely bright. This reflects sunlight throughout the world, and makes the woman wearing it stand out.


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